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Collapsible Double Frame Full Set Rocket Film Equipment -  1

Collapsible Double Frame Full Set

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This pack contains

Full Grid Rocket Film Equipment -  1
Full Grid Size Rags-4x4 ft - 122x122 cm
x 1
Single Black Bobbin Net Rocket Film Equipment -  1
Single Black Bobbin Net Size Rags-4x4 ft - 122x122 cm
x 1
Ultrabounce Black / White Rocket Film Equipment -  1
Ultrabounce Black / White Size Rags-4x4 ft - 122x122 cm
x 1
Half Soft Frost Rocket Film Equipment -  1
Half Soft Frost Size Rags-4x4 ft - 122x122 cm
x 1
Collapsible Frame 122x122cm (48x48") Rocket Film Equipment -  1
Collapsible Frame 122x122cm (48x48")
x 2
Bag for Collapsible Frame 120x120cm (48x48") Rocket Film Equipment -  1
Bag for Collapsible Frame 120x120cm (48x48")
x 1
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  • 2x Collapsible Frame 120x120cm (48x48")
  • Rags 120x120cm (48x48"):
    • Full Grid 
    • Ultrabounce Black / White 
    • Half Soft Frost 
    • Single Black Bobbin Net
  • Bag for Collapsible Frame 

The Collapsible Frame Full Diffusion Set from Udengo contains all components required to build a stable and lightweight frame. It was designed to ensure quick assembly and mount. You can use it to support silksgrids or any other light modifying fabrics. In this set you got two of Collapsible Frame - so you can work faster and more efficient

Full Grid is a heavy diffusion used for soft lighting. It introduces considerable amount of ambient bounce. Perfect for lighting cars, etc. The fabric is 100% nylon and has a gridded weave for strength.

Ultrabounce is a very lightweight, waterproof textile. It is reinforced with a grid and resistant to tearing. White on one side and black on the other, it may serve either as a bounce or a block. Matte finish gives it a soft light result. Provides very consistent effect and doesn’t introduce noise. For exterior shooting, it can be focused onto a subject as a fill light.

Half Soft Frost is a frosted plastic sheet diffusion. It provides medium light diffusion and produces a very soft light with almost no shadows. It delivers an unique soft light, enhances skin tones and natural reflexes. Great for lighting portraits.

The Single Bobbin Net reduces sunlight or artificial light. It absorbs up to 90% of the light and doesn’t reflect any. This delicate net can be used to achieve fine subtleties of quality lighting.

Handy carrying bag will protect your frame from scratches and dust. It can hold up to 3 frames and 4 rags simultaneously. There are separate pockets inside, so each element is well-protected. To provide substantial protection for the stored items the bag was equipped with plastic inserts on both sides. They also make the construction stiffer and therefore easier to manage.


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