Camera Cages & Top Plates

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Fuji X-T3 Cage

Key features: 1/4" mounting points L3/8" bottom mounting point Easy access to plugs, slots and buttons Strap holder Aluminum made


Nato Side Handle

Quick Release System (on Nato Rails) Double-sided Cold shoe 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points Ergonomic design Material: plastic plus aluminium


Sony A7RIII / A7III Cage

Key features: 1/4" mounting points 1 x 3/8" mounting point Cold shoe Strap holder Ergonomic form Organic shape Easy access


BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K Cage

Key features: Two mounting screws (upper and lower) Anti-twist locking pins on the bottom 1/4" mounting points Cold shoe mount Undisturbed access to camera features Ergonomic shape Safe and comfortable grip One piece of air aluminum


Panasonic S1 / S1R / S1H Cage

Key features: 1/4" mounting points 3/8" top&bottom thread Cold shoe Strap holder Ergonomic design 3 poinst of cage-to-camera attachment (bottom screw & pin, eyelet attachment) Easy access to plugs, slots, and buttons Lightweight - Aluminum made


Half Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro / 6K G2

Key features: Pre-assembled three-piece half cage Solid cage-to-camera attachment (1x top & 2 x bottom 1/4 “ mounting screws) 3/8” Arri locating points 1/4" threaded openings Strap holder Cold shoe


Z Cam E2-S6/F6/F8 Cage

Key features: Arri locating points Threaded openings - 1/4" 2 poinst of cage-to-camera attachment (2x bottom 1/4") Full access to camera features Clean-cut ergonomic design Aluminum made and Lightweight


Cage for the Red Komodo

Key features: Solid cage-to-camera attachment Arri locating points (+ 3/8" mounting point) 1/4" mounting points 3-piece cage Aluminum made