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Foamcore / Styrene Fork

Foamcore / Styrene Fork holds polyboard in a precise position Stainless steelWeight:  230 g


75/100mm quick mount set...

The set consist of 75/100mm self leveling disc for tripods and 3/8" universal mount. It's used to mount ATLAS MODULAR slider to the tripod.The disc is permanently attached to the slider's feet by hex screws. It allows the slider to be placed quickly on the tripod's bowl and firmly secured with...


28mm / 1 1/8" Male Adapter

Top Attachment 1 1/8'' (28mm) stud  M10 (163-10) , M12 (163-12) or 3/8" (163-38) scew attachment with 12cm plate 14,5cm in height Made of zinc stee


Lightning Stud

Standard 1/4'' or 3/8" screw, and snaps into a Super Clamp socket 3/8'' Super Clamp Adapter Made of Brass Vesatile use 5,4cm in height


Pump Cup with Baby 6in...

Pump cup with fixed 16 mm/ 5/8'' baby spigot Works great for car kits with D200 grip heads & D500 series arms Designed to mount lights and cameras Should be mounted on to flat non-porous surfaces such as glass Includes red indicator safety warning line on pump button