Lighting Control Solutions

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Extension Arm plugs into...

Includes 013 Double Ended Spigot, with 3/8 - 1/4'' threaded tips It plugs into the Super Clamp Ideal for hanging a light or a camera from a pole 19,5cm in length


Sky Hook Gaffer Grip 25mm...

Multiple attachment options for versatility Clamps securely onto bars from 25mm to 65mm 15.9mm stud, 15.9mm socket, 9.5mm to 6.35mm spigot Adjustable claws for added versatility Fits seamlessly into super clamp socket


Background Paper Triple Hooks

Can be fixed to a wall with the supplied studs and screws Easy Way to Hang Background Paper It can be fixed using superclamp


Expan Set, Metal Chain

Efficient Expan background drive set for one roll Inserts into the background roll fast Supports up to 10kg Can adjust without lowering the support stands Comes complete with metal chain


Two Section Aluminium-Core

It allows you to use the Expan with paper or cloth backgrounds This Alu-Core is 9' (2.7 m) long Made of aluminium


Levelling Centre Column for...

Allows quick levelling of photo or video heads  Levelling half ball at the top of the tripod’s centre column Top plate angle independent from the rest of the tripod 3/8'' male screw for attachment to a photo or video head Built-in bubble spirit level


Shorter Centre Column for...

Shorter column improves tripod’s positioning flexibility Compatible with 055 series Universal 3/8'' screw attachment Built-in bubble spirit level Made of aluminium


Wall Mounted Background...

2 heavy duty background holder hooks that support 1 background This set is wall-mountable and includes 10 size screws Made of steel


2 Section BP Counterweight

It helps to secure the tail end of a roll of background paper It comes in two sections, for 4' and 9' width rolls of paper Easy to use