List of products by brand Avenger

Avenger products have been designed to fit the bespoke needs of the photo and cine market.
The range includes stands, clamps, couplers, light controls and accessories all designed to match the strict quality standards and performance levels required by the motion picture industry.
Product quality is the hallmark of Avenger, which can withstand extreme use, rough atmospheric conditions, very high stress and heavy payloads.

Avenger is a Vitec Group Brand

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Made from aluminium in silver finish Jaws clamp down on pipes ranging from 48-52 mm/1.89-2.04'' MP Eye Coupler w/M12 bolt & wing nut. Direct connection to yokes Max Capacity 300 kg/661.4 lbs TÜV/SÜD certified


Baby Roller Low Boy...

Baby roller stand with folding leg base and braked wheels Steel column, aluminium risers & captive locking T-knob handles. 3 sections, 2 risers. Ø: 35, 30, 25 mm. Max height: 170 cm/66.9'' Smaller leg footprint is great for tight studio sets Folding base great for self-standing storage when...


Pump Cup with Baby 6in...

Pump cup with fixed 16 mm/ 5/8'' baby spigot Works great for car kits with D200 grip heads & D500 series arms Designed to mount lights and cameras Should be mounted on to flat non-porous surfaces such as glass Includes red indicator safety warning line on pump button


Roller Stand 12 with...

Roller Stand with Folding Base Robust Load capacity: 25kg Two Risers 1 1/8" Receiver and 5/8" Stud


Floppy Cutter...

Floppy Cutter 122 x 122 cm/48 x 48'' square flag Floppies are similar to cutters but w/additional hinged fabric 10 mm/ 3/8'' mounting pin for easy connection to grip heads Strong webbing around frame for added durability. Additional fabric is hinged on the 122 cm/48'' side


Super Wind Up Stand...

Low base stainless steel column & legs with chrome steel risers. Rapid and fine levelling leg for easy set up on any terrain 80 mm/ 3.14'' Braked wheels- foam-filled for various terrain #474 3 sections, 2 risers. Ø: 70, 60, 50 mm Leg Ø: 35 mm 130 cm/51.2' footprint great for use on...