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Avenger products have been designed to fit the bespoke needs of the photo and cine market.
The range includes stands, clamps, couplers, light controls and accessories all designed to match the strict quality standards and performance levels required by the motion picture industry.
Product quality is the hallmark of Avenger, which can withstand extreme use, rough atmospheric conditions, very high stress and heavy payloads.

Avenger is a Vitec Group Brand

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Super Clamp™ T-Knob Black,...

Super Clamp™ jaws work on diameters from 13-55mm/ 0.51-2.16'' TÜV/SÜD certified Load capacity:15 kg/33.1 lbs, used with numerous adapters & arms 16 mm/ 5/8'' hexagonal receiver with double safety lock Available in an HD Gravity Cast version- C1550


Grip Head 2.5in Silver...

Silver 2.5'' grip head holds arms & light shapers on C-Stands Dual positioning locking T-knob for various baby pins/spigots Round hole diameters on grip head 6.4, 9.5, 12.7 and 16 mm Automotive quality brake pad discs for secure, non-slip security The grip head has a T-knob lock with...


Extension Grip Arm Silver...

Chrome plated (D500) steel and aluminium alloy Grip head included Can hold a small light head, flag, or reflector