List of products by brand Deity Microphones

Deity Microphones is committed to making unique microphones and products that get the job done.

Launched by a TV location sound mixer, Deity Microphone’s roots are planted in knowing what kind of equipment working professionals need in their kit.

Deity Connect HD-TX

Transmit and record simultaneously Guard Rail Analog Limiter 1.3″ OLED display Record 24-bit/48kHz WAV files to MicroSD card


Deity Mikrofon S-MIC 2S

Shorter, lighter and a slightly wider pickup pattern than the S-Mic 2 Weighs only 85 grams and measures just less than 15cm in length Full brass metal body Superior broadcast sound quality Superior response performance 50Hz~20kHz Better ambience sound performance Superior off-axis sound...


Deity V-LINK (XLR phantom...

Low-Profile and Right Angle: Reduces the bulk build up around the XLR jack on a Camera Built In Cable: Keeps the profile of your input plug that much smaller and reduced possible breaks in your signal chain Zero Noise: The 48V conversion circuit introduces zero additional noise to your audio...


Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Shotgun...

Super Cardioid Pickup Pattern Out-of-the-box compatibility with Cameras, Recorders, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets RF-Resistant Low Cut Built In: 75Hz & 150Hz Internal Rechargeable Lithium Battery Supplying >50 Hours Run Time


Deity V-Mic D3 Shotgun...

Super-cardioid polar pattern Durable rugged metal construction design Super lightweight Run-and-Gun read Powered by single AAA battery Out-of-the-box compatibility with Cameras, Recorders, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets