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Floppy Cutter Sky Ternion Set

Floppy Cutter Sky Ternion Set

1-3 Weeks
  • Black solid flag (Cutter) for light control purposes. 
  • Used to control natural or artificial light.
  • Floppy Included
  • Save more than 10% buying in bundle!
  • Designed and manufactured in European Union

This pack contains

Floppy Cutter 60cm x 180cm (24" x 70")
Floppy Cutter 60cm x 180cm (24" x 70")
x 2
Floppy Cutter 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40")
Floppy Cutter 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40")
x 1

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  • 2 pcs. Floppy Cutter 60x180 cm (24x70") 
  • 1 pcs. Floppy Cutter 100x100 cm (40x40") 

Cutters can be used to protect the camera lens from flares, control spill light from other sources. Keep light from reaching an area on the set.

TRIO Set of CUTTERS allows you to control lighting on the small-sized film scene as well as in the photo studio. A set of three black flags thanks to Floppy can be combined to create a screen effect or use each separately on tripods. Floppy allow you to double the size of flag which gives you huge opportunities to control the light.


  • Sizes:
    • 60cm x 180cm (24" x 70") x2
    • 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40") x1
  • Fabric: Cotton 380g m² with satin weave
  • Safety: Fabric PN-EN ISO 14116:2015-12 (Flame protection)
  • 10mm pin compatible with standard c-stand grip head
  • Weight with floppy  2200g / 1800g
  • Material: Stainless Steel frame
  • FLOPPY INCLUDED - velcro mount

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