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Series 3 Leg Section...

The Series 3 Leg Section Reducers Kit from Gitzo allows the user to shorten any Gitzo Series 3 G-Lock tripod or monopod. The leg shortening procedure is accomplished in four easy steps: unscrew the selected G-Lock locking nut, remove the whole leg, screw in the leg section reducer and finally,...


Lens Adapter Support for...

- Direct attachment to the camera- 2 points of support-to-camera attachment- 2 points of support-to-adapter attachment- Aluminum made


Side Arm for Shoulder Rigs

Key features: Reversible extension arm Arri Rosette attachments 2 x 1/4" mounting points No tools Aluminum made Lightweight


Arri Rosette 32mm Mount...

Key features: M6 main mounting point Arri locating pins 3/8" to 1/4" reduction screw included Arri standard rosette Aluminum & Stainless steel